Checker Cabs


Checker Cabs was facing increasing competition in the Calgary market from incoming TNCs (Transportation Network Companies) like Uber.


Anstice used data generated by the City of Calgary and Checker's own business metrics to quantify the overall growth of the TNC industry, and determine Checker's share of the market. To support Checker's ability to compete, Anstice introduced a refreshed suite of distinctive brand assets, including unifying and leveraging their signature yellow brand colour. Anstice executed creative campaigns, including installing QR code decals onto Checker’s cabs, to drive awareness and traffic to Checker’s mobile application. An audit of Checker’s branding gave rise to refreshed brand guidelines, including more assertive language and the use of elevated typography. Anstice created a cheeky yet approachable voice for the Checker brand, and focused on garnering a perception of friendliness and authenticity through Checker’s marketing efforts. Localized references to Calgary’s own hockey team, weather, and other regional events were used in advertising to emphasize the relatable nature of the brand.


The launch of Checker’s creative campaigns were successful, resulting in a 13% increase in rides booked via the Checker Cabs mobile application. The increased usage of the Checker app streamlined bookings, utilizing Checker’s resources more efficiently. Through this increased booking efficiency, Checker Cabs saw a 33% increase in actual average revenue per cab. Over a one-year period, Checker also saw a 7% increase in their market share.


↑ Rides Booked (App)


↑ Revenue per Cab


↑ Market Share

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