October 23, 2020

Share of Triggers Webinar

Share of Triggers: A New Way to Measure Brand Campaigns Confirmation

Brand campaigns and marketing initiatives have traditionally been hard to measure. People are interested in the ROI of a campaign in order to account for budget and time. Building campaigns that actually make an impact are important but being able to measure it is even more so. When we are looking at brand campaign results, we are looking at the impressions; what they do in the market and the impact that they make.The demographic of the consumers is less important than the triggers that initiate the consumer’s buying journey. Neither age nor gender matter as much as the reasons why they started the journey in the first place. We can measure that reason why. In this presentation from Marc Binkley, our Director of Digital & Strategy at Anstice, you’ll learn how to track brand campaign results beyond simple measures of awareness, consideration and intent.A customer’s path of purchase is made up of a whole bunch of triggers that are measurable. Instead of spending budget on general brand awareness campaigns, we invest in memory links between strategic triggers and the services and solutions we have for our customers.By asking customers why they decided to choose your service or product, you can start to see patterns within their purchasing path. Whether you’re a small or large business, this is easy to track and can be used to better diagnose growth opportunities. You’ll also find a reduction in wasted spend and will be able to improve creative impact.Watch the presentation to learn more about Share of Triggers and how to utilize the method for your next brand campaign.