October 9, 2019

How to prepare for your next content marketing shoot

Featuring Noah Fallis

Posted on October 09, 2019 by anstice communications


Listen onSpotifyListen oniTunesIf you’re like us, you want to get as many assets out of every photo and video shoot. That used to be an easy task when companies only needed couple of images for print ads and a 30 second commercial for TV. For decades the ‘MadMen’ mantra had ruled the shoot. The right (single) message, to the right people (your choice of TV, print, direct mail or OOH), the right number of times (the rule of thumb 3 frequency).Today, a ‘simple’ shoot isn’t so simple. There is a lot to consider and to get it right, we need to spend more time than ever before in pre-production planning.Let’s use a video campaign to illustrate this point. When the video is shot, we’ll need to think about how it will be optimized for 9x16 Instagram Stories, 4x5 Facebook newsfeed sound off environment, 16x9 skippable YouTube TruView ads and passive TV consumers. Take all the other supporting assets for Pinterest, Blogs, Vlogs, LinkedIn, email, etc. and I think you can see how complicated this can get.The Complexity of Content Marketing Shoots

How do you turn a photo shoot into a content moment?How do you get dozens or even hundreds of assets to fill your content marketing strategy?Listen to your host and Anstice Digital Director Marc Binkley in this conversation with content strategist and producer Noah Fallis as they discuss dozens of questions like these. If you’re a Canadian and have been on the internet in the last 5 years, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Noah’s work. As the founder ofGlean Content Agency, Noah and his incredible team have devised the content strategy and production for clients like SportChek, Canadian Tire, CTV and Honda to name a few.Show Notes:1:44 - Does the size of a company change the needs of their content requirements?2:29 - what is content marketing?4:01 - Are there different types of content for different purposes?5:38 - How do you get the most out of a content moment?7:41 - Is there one tip you can offer to people planning a content shoot?9:13 - How do you choose a content producer?11:34 - How do you keep your brand consistent across all content?14:22 - How do you create content for each platform?16:20 - How do you balance brand, content, audience and platform?19:53 - Do all digital videos have to be short format?