November 4, 2021

A-Cast Episode 28: How to Get Executive Buy-In for Long-Term Branding ft. Mark Ritson

How to Get Executive Buy-In for Long-Term Branding


Mark Ritson joins our host Marc Binkley in a wildly entertaining and frank conversation about why brand building matters and how you can get executives to buy into it.

Background on Mark Ritson

Mark has a PhD in Marketing and professor on the MBA programmes of leading business schools including London Business School and MIT. He’s also a brand consultant for LVMH, Johnson & Johnson, Subaru, DeBeers, Sephora, WD40 and numerous others. Mark has written a column on marketing for almost 20 years, winning the PPA Business Columnist of the Year three times. He teaches the Marketing Week Mini MBAs in Marketing and Brand Management.


0:00 – The Central Nervous System for Good Brand Building

1:25 – Intro to Mark Ritson

3:57 – What we miss out on when we focus exclusively on ROI / ROAS

5:45 – The right budget split between brand and tactical

6:58 – Why time and benchmarks matter for brand building

10:10 – Why we often get ‘strategy’ wrong and how we can get better

13:06 – Why 80% of marketers get the strategic brief wrong

14:17 – Does the strategic process change in B2B v. B2C & what LinkedIn got wrong about their own brand positioning

18:57 – 7 steps to get executive buy-in on long-term brand building

26:16 – Where did the list come from?

27:00 - How to set brand benchmarks and how frequently should they be tracked?

30:38 – How to lead a long-term brand plans and get budgets to support it

37:15 – Marketing strategy is not rocket science, but you can’t skip steps

38:53 – A short summary of marketing bullshit: Simon Sinek, Gary Vee, Maslow, PEST, SWOT, USP

42:08 – The trouble with a lot of post-secondary marketing programs

46:04 – How long-term brand builders assess progress & success

51:14 – How to find out more about MarkLinksRitson's Articles in Marketing Week Magazine

MiniMBA in Marketing

Mark on LinkedIn

Top 10 Marketing BS

Effies Case Studies

Ritson v. Sharp – Targeting vs. Sophisticated Mass Marketing

Marketing Week - The Question

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