April 13, 2020

A letter from Andrea Goertz, our new COO at Anstice

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am excited to be sharing news of the next step in my career as Chief Operating Officer at Anstice. Anstice is a marketing communications agency with expertise in stakeholder engagement, brand design, and digital transformation, using data and insights to shape client strategy and execution. With offices in Calgary and Vancouver, Anstice serves national and international clients across a range of industries including energy, retail, real estate and consumer goods.

I most recently served at TELUS as Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer, leading a team responsible for the transformation and execution of a diverse portfolio comprised of sustainability, external communications, media relations, privacy, provincial government relations, real estate, corporate marketing, corporate sponsorships, and corporate social responsibility. I led a high-performing team that consistently demonstrated collaboration, entrepreneurial thought, and excellence, and I am proud of what we achieved together.

Anstice is an inspiring team to be a part of. Anstice’s values of empathy, grit, authenticity, passion, excellence, and curiosity align with my own. Further, our vision to enhance the meaning that customers derive from their interactions, experiences and engagement with leading brands is more important now than ever before. Of even more importance, Anstice’s entrepreneurial culture, data-driven insights team, marketing leadership, creative talent, and committed team have set us on a course for a bold future. I am looking forward to the opportunities we have at Anstice to help our customers fulfill their purpose and differentiate their brands.

With my new mandate, I am excited to help shape and deliver on Anstice’s strategy. As numerous research projects have shown, and indeed the investment community has reinforced, purpose-led organizations, and those that build community, outperform their peers. Anstice has long recognized this and has partnered across industries and geographies to position brands through marketing and awareness campaigns, social media, public relations, and digital transformation. 

For me, one of the most important aspects of meaningful brand engagement is trust. Trust permeates every aspect of our lives and our interactions; we count on others to do their part to deliver value, and we go above and beyond to do the same for them. These days, we are placing even more trust in our leaders, our colleagues and our communities as we journey through unprecedented times and look to build opportunities for a better future. We all can play a part in shaping the communities of our future, and in contributing to a renewed sense of social responsibility. Brands especially can play a leading role in establishing and enhancing trust, and as we develop further insights on how customer attitudes and behaviours are shaped through good times and bad, I believe this will become even more important.

As we collectively navigate through our future, increasingly placing priority on meaningful interactions and engagement with brands whose values mirror our own, I am proud to lead at Anstice and partner with organizations to make a positive impact in our lives and in our communities. 

Kind regards,