September 6, 2017

Anstice Welcomes Senior Marketing & Insights Manager

Holly Smith Pashniak - Senior Marketing & Insights Manager

Anstice Communications (Anstice), is delighted to announce the recent hire of its new Senior Marekting & Insights Manager, HollySmith Pashniak.As Senior Marketing and Insights Manager at Anstice, Holly is responsible for managing the planning, execution and reporting on key client accounts. Holly holds a Bachelor of Communications degree from the University of Calgary, and her career includes more than 15 years of experience in marketing communications across all traditional and digital channels within the agency, corporate and non-profit sectors.Holly’s areas of expertise span strategic planning, brand and project management, creative direction as well as copywriting and editing. Her extensive and varied experience, coupled with her deep understanding of the many facets of marketing and communications, enables her to bring an additional level of value to client projects.Q&A with Holly:Having worked in the non-profit sector, which we know you loved, what advice do you have for people who want to work in that communications realm? Hmmm, good question! Two things: First, to really love your role, focus only on the causes that you care deeply about – that’s the key. When you truly find your passion, your job doesn’t feel like a job. Second, volunteering is a great way to get noticed by your chosen non-profits if you are new to the sector. Offer to write a blog or two, cover an event or curate social media content. This way, you gain experience and widen your network – and you just might get hired if the timing is right!Why do you like bats so much?Ha, ha, you guys. Why do y’all think that is so weird?! They are sooo cute, and look a little like a black greyhound puppy. So maybe the better question is why do I love black greyhounds so obsessively that I can even find cuteness in baby bats! But seriously, I support a bat rescue organization in Australia. But it all started with the cuteness! Check it: us a funny story about one or both of your children.Ha, I’ve got good one for you! The other night, my 13-year-old son and I were playing Just Dance on the XBOX. It plays songs while showing dance moves that need to be copied to get a high score. The closer you can follow the choreography, the higher your score. Seriously brought my A Game and best moves to the dance battle, yet my boy was CRUSHING me. So then I pulled out all the stops and totally rocked it to Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies. Then sat back smugly. Then….he beat me on that one by over 2000 points. The game has got to be rigged!Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?Another toughie! My answer is Colin Firth.