April 5, 2017

Anstice Welcomes Public Relations Coordinator

Kyla Zeniuk - Public Relations Coordinator

Anstice Communications (Anstice), is delighted to announce the recent hire of its new Public Relations Coordinator, Kyla Zeniuk.Although Kyla is new to her position at Anstice, she’s no stranger! Since first joining the team last summer, Kyla has interned at Anstice for two consecutive work experience terms through Mount Royal University (MRU). She is set to graduate from MRU this fall with a Bachelor of Communication Degree specializing in public relations. Before joining the agency world, Kyla had the opportunity to gain corporate communications experience, as well as manage social media for a number of nonprofit organizations. Kyla is thrilled to launch her career in PR at Anstice Communications!As Public Relations Coordinator, Kyla will be responsible for developing and sharing content, coordinating press outreach, supporting media relations strategies for Anstice clients, developing and maintaining Anstice’s media network and generating consistent media coverage for Anstice clients. Welcome (back), Kyla!Q&A with Kyla:Why did you decide to work in communications?I’ve always loved to write, and I think all the opportunities to connect with others, challenge the norm and share stories are pretty incredible. Whether it’s the industry or the media landscape, things change so quickly – there’s a level of pressure to hone in on your skills, stay in tune with what’s happening and think strategically. I like the challenge of that! Since gaining some agency PR experience, I’ve realized the media relations side of things is really my jam and what I’m passionate about pursuing.We heard you are a coffee addict, where is your go-to spot to grab a cup of joe and why?It’s a tie. Monogram in Altadore or Analog on 17 Ave! Monogram is such a pretty space, and Analog makes my favourite lattes in all of YYC. Monogram = lots of outlets, Anolog = open late. I’ve clearly given this some thought.What is your favourite social media platform?I’m all about the ‘gram!You have interned at Anstice twice now – what’s been your favourite part about interning at Anstice?The team! At Anstice, you’re not just “the intern.” It’s inspiring to be part of such a hardworking, supportive, talented group of women – not to mention, they’re hilarious.Finally, Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?Gosling, always.