January 2, 2018

Anstice Welcomes Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Brooke Webster - Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Posted on January 02, 2018 by anstice communicationsAnstice Communications is excited to welcome back Brooke Webster in her new role as Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator.Brooke will soon be graduating from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Science and Certificate in Business. Brooke has interned at Anstice over the course of three years before joining the agency full-time, and she has become very familiar with the ins and outs of the communications industry. Working alongside the senior staff on all types of projects, she has become well-versed in marketing and public relations, with an in-depth understanding of Audience Planning and market research.As Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator, Brooke will support both the marketing and public relations team with media relations and development of media materials, programming and event execution, strategy creation and implementation, and Audience Planning and research. Q&A with Brooke:You’re graduating in June! How does it feel to be completing your undergrad and coming back to Anstice full-time?It’s bittersweet, for sure. It’s hard to admit that there is a part of my life that’s complete (especially such a fun part)! That being said, I am extremely glad to be starting the new chapter at Anstice, so it’s on to bigger and better things. To quote @HollySmithPashniak, I am “22 and getting there!”—so, watch out. In all seriousness, though, I am absolutely thrilled to be back working with all of these amazing people. Interning was an amazing experience to learn and grow in the industry, and now to be given the opportunity to make it my own is very special. It is inspiring to work with the creative minds every day, so it means a lot that they wanted me to come back full-time.It’s a known fact you’re a Starbucks fan (basic, much?). What is your Starbucks order? First of all, this paints me in a certain light that I don’t like. So what if I wear Uggs (which, side note, get a lot of hate and they are amazing) in the fall with leggings and a sweater, have blonde hair in a bun, and drink a pumpkin spice latte? That does not make me basic—seriously, I can’t even. Second of all, clearly I had to be a Starbucks fan because after interning so many times and doing the Starbucks run, obviously I am also going to get myself one.Anyway, my order depends on my mood. For example:

  • Wow, it’s Monday, I am feeling practical – Grande Dark Roast.
  • Hmm, Wednesday is a little boring. Let’s add some milk to spice it up – Grande Americano Misto
  • I’ve worked hard this week – Double-shot, non-fat latte with a butterfly sugar cookie (Honestly, the sugar cookies are amazing, but I also just like cookies.)

You’ve been here for a while now. What has been your favourite Anstice memory so far? This is the hardest question because I have been around for so much! And the best thing about Ansticeis the environment and culture. It is so fun and everyone is hilarious and great to work with, which means I have a million favourite memories. However, I think I have to take it back to my first year interning when we were at the old office. I swear in my job description that summer it said, “responsible for maintaining toilet paper stash.” So, off I went on my regular toilet paper run. I didn’t want to go far, so I went to this random convenience store or shopping mart in Inglewood. I was being practical, so I stocked up on toilet paper. I had a lot, but that’s normal. I went to the cash to pay with our corporate card, and the male cashier said, “Whoa, what happened?!”I’ve never felt less like a lady.What is your favourite social media platform?Bumble. (Just kidding, my answer is Instagram)Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?Ok, well, I do love them both. However, it’s obviously Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Gosling may be funny, Ryan Reynolds is hilarious! Every time a new promotion comes out for Deadpool, I love Ryan Reynolds more. Let’s just talk about the Deadpool promos for a minute because whoever came up with them is a genius. The Deadpool promos perfectly capture why Ryan Reynolds was the prime casting choice for the role and is all-around just hilarious. See my favourite one here: https://youtu.be/8-Cjsnq8kVU