August 14, 2017

Anstice Welcomes Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Lauryn MacDonald - Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Anstice Communications (Anstice), is delighted to announce the recent hire of its new Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator, Lauryn MacDonald.A recent graduate from the University of Calgary, Lauryn majored in Communications Studies and minored in Film Studies. While at U of C, she took part in the co-operative education program and gained valuable experience in public relations, marketing and internal communications in both agency and corporate environments.From technical writing about art films and engineering projects to managing large scale events and social media campaigns – Lauryn looks forward to finding new ways to grow as a jack of all trades communicator and marketer, and is honoured to formally start her career at Anstice.As Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator, Lauryn will support both the marketing and public relations teams on tasks such as developing engaging social media content, organizing media coverage and coordinating strategic advertisements.Q&A with Lauryn:Congratulations on recently graduating from the University of Calgary! What made you want to work in communications?I have always had a passion for writing and consider myself a wordsmith, but I knew I wanted a job that also allowed me to be creative, problem-solve and work with people on a daily basis. The best part about my career in communications is that I get to do all of those things! Whether I’m meeting with clients, collaborating with my team to write a press release or managing large-scale events, I love that my work challenges me in new ways every day.We heard you love the mountains! What is your favourite thing to do in the Rockies?We are so lucky to live so close to the mountains, so I try to take advantage of that as much as I can year-round. In the winter, I like to ski and in the summer I love to go hiking with my dog/sidekick Whiskey. What is your favourite social media platform?Without a doubt: Instagram. I regularly find myself getting caught up in what I affectionately call the “Insta-black hole,” where I find captivating post, after captivating post.At Anstice, we love all furry creatures! Tell us a funny story about your dog Whiskey.The organization that rescued Whiskey originally named her “Empire,” but her foster mom had somehow shortened that to the nickname “Epi.” Yes, like an Epi-pen! I decided to change her name because I was afraid that if I didn’t people would think I was going into anaphylactic shock while I was trying to call my dog at the dog park!NOW the game changing question, Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? RR’s sharp wit gets me every time!