June 3, 2017

Anstice Welcomes Marketing Coordinator

Emily Banyard - Marketing Coordinator

Anstice Communications (Anstice), is delighted to announce the recent hire of its new Marketing Coordinator, Emily Banyard.Emily’s work history is a dynamic one that created a solid foundation for working in communications and marketing at Anstice. After spending three years in Australia in a leadership position with a non-profit organization, Emily travelled to Ireland to help her friends start up a café. She later discovered her passion for nutrition and studied in Vancouver to become a Holistic Nutritionist before she moved to Toronto to work for a small organic cold-pressed juice shop, which grew exponentially in one year. Emily became a part of the shop’s core team and worked in operations and marketing. Emily then had the opportunity to work at an advertising agency in Toronto and decided that an agency is where she belonged.As Marketing Coordinator, Emily will be responsible for supporting the marketing team by using her exceptional organizational skills for planning, executing and reporting on all client strategies to deliver superior work from Anstice.Q&A with Emily:Why did you decide to work in communications and marketing?I love people and the agency culture! It’s collaborative and full of diverse personalities that collectively take on all sorts of different clients. The marketing world allows you to broaden your mind and your creativity while working alongside people with dynamic skills that you can learn from. I love that every day is different!Welcome to Calgary! What do you miss most about Toronto/Ontario? And what excites you the most about moving to Calgary?I miss the people, of course, but I’m so happy about all the new people I’m meeting! I miss the ease of getting around without a car—Calgary needs a subway! I’m excited about the Alberta way of life. It’s a little bit slower than Toronto, and having the mountains nearby is the best.What is your favourite social media platform?Instagram! I love Insta stories. Just a fun, quick way to post and stay connected.Congratulations on your recent nuptials! What was your favourite moment from your wedding?Overall, people flew from all around the world for our wedding and we felt so loved and supported!Also, there was this incredible sunset that came out after the overcast day. We got such beautiful photos, and it was icing on the cake!Now, the most important question you will ever be asked: Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?GOSLING FOR LIFE.