September 18, 2020

Anstice Insights - Issue #1

Given that Anstice is exposed to multiple businesses in various markets and industries, we see first-hand how various businesses are not only coping, but thriving during COVID. We felt it a good time to share with you some of these experiences in hope that this will help you not only learn but also be inspired as you move through this disruption.

Insights & Engagement

Change requires an always-on, two-way communication program, weighted heavily on listening and learning.

In March, we published findings from our national survey which outlined how attitudes, behaviours and purchasing decisions had already shifted in the first several weeks of lockdown. Many of our clients were able to use this information to get a jumpstart in pivoting their brand, product and customer experience strategies early on in the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings of this survey of over 800 Canadians was covered in national news publications, radio, webinars and podcasts. Here’s the link to the National Post article.

Since this article was published, we’ve used similar methods to collect consumer insights for other clients. Since then:

1. We worked with the most prominent developer in Vancouver to re-imagine what their sales centre experience may be, as they needed to validate their instincts that the traditional sales centre experience is a thing of the past.

2. We used customized qualitative and quantitative research to help Ocean’s Tuna better understand their future market, Gen Z, to get closer to their emotional motivators and find alignment with the brand’s most loyal older customers.

3. We took the lead on public stakeholder engagement for the new Event Centre planned for East Village in Calgary, to better understand the ideal experience of those who will use the space – to inform on design and future planning. Check out our findings here.

Conflict & Risk Mitigation

Probably the most demanding offer within Anstice is our change management and risk mitigation work. We use a proprietary methodology that delves into power vs. influence, conflict vs. negotiations. We are currently working with one of the most prominent, highly polarized mega-projects in North America.

Digital Experience & Marketing

One thing we know for sure is that the months in isolation and physical distancing has accelerated many companies need to prioritize investments digital experiences over physical ones.

Within days of the COVID lockdown, we helped our clients, Genesis Builders Group and Genesis Land, completely repurpose and reimagine the way they interact with customers starting digital experiences in mind. While collaborating remotely through a series of rapid sprints, we worked together to accelerate their digital transformation and progressed towards an online business model so they could continue to reach, interact and event sell through online channels. Our full case study is available here.

Good news for our client Nureva…our partnership translated into being able to quickly identify and reach new market opportunities for their proprietary audio conferencing product by pivoting from traditional offices to new messages and targeting the education industry.

We are thrilled to be working with Brookfield Residential Properties, North America, on transforming the business into one that is customer-first. Our customer journey work involving insights and engagement, customer experience touchpoints and more is moving BRPI towards a more digital-forward experience. Stay tuned!

Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications

Over the past 3 years we have helped lead the brand transformation of Direct Energy, and produced an award-winning campaign for them, the “Energy of Moms.” The third installment has been once again nominated for several Ampia awards. We have also begun work on improvements to the digital experience for Direct Energy’s existing and future customers to provide a seamless and modernized design and capability.

What do all of these projects have in common? An understanding that success starts and ends with people. The quicker you can get out of the boardroom and into the world to better align with those who have most power, the more meaning you create.

Additional Case Studies highlighting our work can be found here. Or pick up the phone, send a note directly to me at to talk more.

Issue 1