May 13, 2021

A-Cast Episode 19: Leading and Persuading Change and Transformation with Dr. Eddie Obeng

Leading and Persuading Change and Transformation with Dr. Eddie Obeng

Show Notes

Dr. Eddie Obeng is the founder of Pentacle a Virtual Business School and creator of QUBE - a 'virtual reality' platform that runs the business school. Eddie is the author of 9 books roughly outlining how and why organizations need to transform and specifically on capabilities like innovation, leadership, project management, organizational design, change management, business strategy. He's a regular contributor to publications like Financial Time and Project Management Today. Eddie is an on-demand speaker who presents on global stages like TED, TEDx, Google Zeitgeist, London Business Form, Gartner IT forum. He's a former member of the UK government’s Design Council, Professor at the Henley Business School and former Director of Hult International Business School for Executive Education.I hope you enjoy this conversation with Eddie as much as I did.


1:15 – Intro to Eddie Obeng

3:55 – Hopes & Fears: A tool for agenda setting

7:20 – A summary of Eddie’s TEDTalk: The World After Midnight

10:24 – COVID: The line in the sand between change and transformation

12:50 – Why we respond rationally to a world that no longer exists

16:08 – Change and transformation are as different as caterpillars and butterflies

21:50 – Leading change: go where the fear is

24:02 –JFK and Cortez: creating a vision for change

25:40 – How leaders can persuade transformation, why logic isn’t as effective as we believe and why leading with fear isn’t sustainable in the long term

32:30 – Why there is resistance to innovative new ideas and the power of self-persuasion

37:54 – Why using fear to lead change isn’t faster in the long run

39:20 – The key to complex transformation: go slow to go fast

41:35 – Why QUBE helps organizations transform, not just change

44:05 – What makes the world of QUBE inclusive and unique

48:45 – Transformation isn’t just for small niche brands

52:49 – Tips for people who want to lead transformation

56:32 – The 5 futures in the post covid life

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