September 3, 2021

A-Webinar E2: Brand Audit: A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of Marketing

Brand Audit: A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of Marketing

Written by: Leo Pérez, Creative Director

A powerful brand tells a story truthfully, consistently, even instantly.Colours, styles, fonts, images, texts; they all connect in such a myriad of ways to make a brand unique and full of character.Though, like music, science, arts, and everything good in life, brands also evolve. They go on a journey, hand in hand with time.Sometimes brands express the essence of the moment by adding to it. Other brands by simplifying it and, others by just adapting to it.Yet, there is always something immutable in a brand.A timeless common thread. This is their particular essence, the intrinsic flavour and aroma of the brand. It’s what the Greeks call Ethos.When we conduct a brand audit, we look at the lifecycle of the whole idea, from inception to the present moment, with the future and the audience in mind. A collection of assets is laid, chronologically, in a white canvas. We go back to the very first brand execution and navigate through every single piece of creative and messaging that has contributed in the formation of the brand, until today. Your logo, website, digital ads, billboards, radio scripts, stationery, holiday cards, vehicle wraps, a sea of collaterals all in sight. A landscape in time.Looking at the evolution of a brand through the panoramic lens of a brand audit, the creative designer’s keen eye and attention to the smallest details are paramount. A brand can drown if overloaded or dissipate if oversimplified. It could be easy to fall to the temptation of fashion, or ephemeral movements, and inadvertently lose the essence or Ethos of the brand.It’s at these times, when the brand character risks being lost, that the brand audit becomes a lighthouse in the rough seas of marketing.Brand audits will guarantee the message stays on course; a light pointing always to the true presence of the story that the brand intends to tell, regardless the noise outside.Brand audits are intended to preserve the integrity of a company and helps communicate who it is to the world. This is what we do for our clients, this is our creative commitment: to keep your story, your message to customers, honest, consistent, unique.Unforgettable.

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