August 30, 2019

A-Cast Episode 3: Digital Transformation

Sean Leonard, CEO of ActiveDEMAND and Tynan Allan, Founder of Illuminate Culture

Posted on August 30, 2019 by anstice communicationsListen Here:A-Cast Episode 3: Digital TransformationHow do companies keep up with the rapid advances in technology? How do you adapt your people and culture to the new realities of an automated world? This episode of the A-Cast shines the spotlight on a burning issue facing many organizations today—digital transformation.Our host, Marc Binkley, Digital & Strategy Director at Anstice, sits down with two successful entrepreneurs to unpack some of the challenges and opportunities that companies are experiencing in the digital space.First in the hot seat is Sean Leonard, CEO ofActiveDEMAND, a predictive marketing automation platform that integrates marketing efforts into a single digital tool. Sean sees first-hand how automation has shifted marketing into a data-driven science and fundamentally changed how we reach customers.Our second guest is Tynan Allan, Founder of Illuminate Culture and theCultureING Podcast, a company that works with leaders to build high-performing teams and workplace cultures. Tynan looks at digital transformation from the lens of people. He offers a unique perspective on how organizations should prepare their people and company cultures for the next wave of technology.Together, Sean and Tynan give us a pulse-check on where companies are at now and where they need to go. Where do the lines blur between technology and human interaction? How do we build the right skills for the future of the workforce? Watch or listen to the full episode to find out.Show Notes3:10 - Defining automation, artificial Intelligence & machine learning5:40 - How to prepare culture for change12:15 - New opportunties for people in marketing17:00 - The impact of artificial intelligence on a company's ability to make decisions19:20 - How leaders can navigate a team through digital transformation27:25 - The areas that digital transformation is happening today30:20 - How leaders start to adapt their culture for digital transformation today35:35 - What kind of training is needed for employees to continue creating value for their companies and customers44:50 - The importance of measuring employees on brand purpose and values50:45 - The importance on using tools for improvement and adding value55:30 - One business lesson you'll never forgetLinks & ResourcesRoss Sparkman -Strategic Workforce PlanningWorld Economic Forum -The Future of Jobs ReportExecution - The art of getting things doneSubscribe to the A-Cast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Follow Anstice Communications on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the A-Cast and agency news.