June 10, 2021

A-Cast Episode 22: Effectiveness in B2B Marketing ft. Peter Weinberg

Effectiveness in B2B Marketing ft. Peter Weinberg


What makes B2B marketing effective? Find out why acquisition is more important than loyalty, why B2B creative should be more emotional, why financial metrics are critical and why brand awareness is a terrible measure of performance. Please join our host Marc Binkley for this incredible interview with Peter Weinberg, one of the world's most important voices in B2B marketing.

Background on Peter

Peter Weinberg is the Head of Development and co-founder of The B2B Institute at LinkedIn which is a think tank that partners with leading experts to research the future of B2B marketing. Along with partners like global thought leaders Jenni Romaniuk, Les Binet, Peter Field, Mark Ritson and Rory Sutherland, they study the laws of growth in B2B and work with LinkedIn's largest clients to put these principles into practice.


1:26 – Introduction to Peter Weinberg2:33 – What is the LinkedIn B2B Institute4:38 - A background on the world’s leading marketing effectiveness databases8:07 – What makes the IPA and Ehrenberg-Bass data so meaningful9:30 – The differences, and similarities between B2B and B2C marketing16:18 – Acquisition or loyalty? Answers to the most controversial debate in B2B marketing18:44 – The one way to grow B2B (or B2C) brands - the double jeopardy law20:40 – The trouble with word of mouth23:56 – Wide reach v. going deep on niche audiences27:22 - How the length of purchase cycle effects B2B marketing30:27 - The place for Account Based Marketing (ABM) in the B2B landscape34:10 – The common sense approach to B2B growth36:00 – Why Share of Voice matters and why Click Thru Rate doesn’t37:40 – The financial metrics marketers need to track41:31 – The revenue opportunity of the 95:5 mental model44:10 - The benefit of realizing nobody cares about your brand45:31 - The 3 rules of effective creative in B2B marketing48:47 – Why brand awareness isn’t the best idea for marketers51:10 – Why all marketers need to track Category Entry Points instead of awareness52:48 – What’s next and how to connect with Peter

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