April 22, 2021

A-Cast Episode 17: Building Smart Marketing Campaigns ft. Dan White

Building Smart Marketing Campaigns ft. Dan White

Show Notes

Dan White joins host Marc Binkley for an in-depth discussion about his brilliant Smart Marketing Book: The Definitive Guide To Effective Marketing Strategies. Dan and Marc use the most well-researched concepts and models in marketing science to outline how effective marketing campaigns are designed. Those new to marketing will find this conversation a very practical shorthand for campaign planning. Those of you with more experience in marketing will find several rich ideas to add to your toolbox and enhance what you're already doing.Dan is a seasoned marketer with 30 years of experience. He's currently a Brand Consultant & Trainer, formerly head of Expertise @ Kantar Market Research Firm, former CMO of Millward Brown Strategic Marketing & Management Consulting


0:48 – Intro to Dan White and The Smart Marketing book3:48 – Who could benefit from the Smart Marketing book5:47 – What motivated Dan to write a book7:52 – How brands become memorable in a customer mind11:16 – A modern approach to brand management12:29 – How small brands or challenger brands can compete against a large competitor14:33 – How to set advertising budgets using market share and excess Share of Voice (eSOV)20:54 – A second way to set advertising budgets using cost per acquisition26:14 – 7 steps to assess creative ideas27:35 – Assess Creative: Does it resonate33:06 – Assess Creative: Choosing a role for a brand35:30 – Assess Creative: Brand associations and links36:27 – Assess Creative: Distinctive assets40:51 – Assess Creative: Generate discussion42:47 – Assess Creative: Inspire creativity45:13 – Assess Creative: Easily adapted49:54 – Reach and frequency optimal ad response curves56:33 – The long and short of multi-media campaign strategy58:52 – Principles for maximizing ad budgets throughout the year

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