March 7, 2021

A-Cast Episode 14: Getting more out of your influencer marketing

Getting more out of your influencer marketing

Ever wonder what the best way is to use an influencer in your marketing mix? Mike Morrison, one of Canada's best influencers, sat down with Marc to share his thoughts on how to assess and include influencers in a brand's marketing mix.Mike Morrison started his career as an influencer with a blog called Mikes Bloggity while working as a university instructor, columnist, TV producer, and regular contributor to radio and TV programs across Canada. As his career as an influencer evolved, he began working with larger brands like Travel Alberta, Netflix, Marks, Harmony, Ritz, Ford, and Telus.Mike is the creator of SocialWest, which grew to become Canada's largest social media conference and then had to reinvent the experience when he moved it online to SocialAtHome during the pandemic. If that weren't enough, he's also the best-selling author of Calgary By Bike guide.Show Notes

0:49 - Introduction

4:20 – How Mike got into influencer marketing

5:38 – The negative connotation of influencers

6:50 – How to assess influence

8:50 – The nuances of influencer marketing

10:44 – Fake followers and metrics that matter

12:42 – Where does influencer marketing fit in a holistic marketing strategy

14:20 - Influencers are Content Creators

15:55 – What made the partnership with Marks so successful

21:25 – How multiple influencers can be embedded into campaigns

24:30 – How brands can gain better control of influencer content

31:38 - How to create better partnerships with influencers

34:20 – How digital channels and the pandemic are changing content marketing

37:55 - Why brands should include influencers in strategic planning

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