August 4, 2020

A-Cast Episode 11: Leading Agile Brands

Leading Agile Brands: How to Balance Short Term Results with Long Term Goals

Host Marc Binkley talks with Marty Neumeier about how brands can create better balance between short term needs and long term goals. Marty is the Director of CEO branding at Liquid Agency, Founder and Parter of a branding masterclass certification program called Level C and author of 8 books including Zag, considered one of the 100 best business books of all time.Show Notes1:29 - Wicked Problems - balance short term results with long term goals3:43 - The Problem with discounting4:57 - Using strategy to compete9:43 - How to stay focused on the future13:16 - How purpose inspires the right kind of innovations17:56 - Why design is so useful for brands21:44 - Design thinking for innovation24:33 - The new C-Suite27:41 - Why Marketing Directors shouldn't manage branding29:44 - Why brand training is important33:21 - Agile Strategy & Swarming43:24 - Developing Chief Branding Officer (CBO)46:32 - How CEOs and CBOs can work together to run a companyListen Here: A-Cast Episode 11: Leading Agile BrandsSubscribe to the A-Cast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Follow Anstice Communications on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on the A-Cast and agency news.