June 19, 2020

A-Cast Episode 10: Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy from Article: Canada's fastest Growing Company with Duncan Blair, Director of Marketing

In today's episode of the a-Cast, host Marc Binkley interviews Duncan Blair, the Director of Marketing at Article, the Canadian ecommerce giant. Article is a direct to consumer (DTC) online furniture retailer and for the past two years has been the fastest growing company in Canada. Duncan leads over 40 people in marketing to support their sales growth which is currently over $100M in revenue.

Duncan began his career in New Zealand with an early stage TelCom startup. After moving to Canada, he worked on the agency side before becoming one of the first marketers at Article in early 2016. Since then, Duncan has had the opportunity to jump on the rocket ship that is Article and support the development of its brand and this new DTC business model.

In this interview, Duncan shares his thoughts on many of the pressing issues facing modern marketers. Listen to this podcast to hear more on topics like the difference between traditional retail and DTC business model, the importance of customer loyalty, the cost of customer acquisition, finding the right media mix, attribution modelling and how to measure marketing performance.

Show Notes

4:00 - What is driving Article's Growth?
6:52 - Are the last mile delivery teams part of your marketing team?
8:39 - A story that highlights Article's branded customer experience
12:10 - What makes DTC so unique?
16:11 - DTC's unique opportunities compared to traditional retailers
19:00 - Unique risks with the DTC model
22:26 - Advantages with Digital Media
26:30 - How design thinking can influence customer experience
31:20 - Shifting the perception of marketing from an expense to an investment
36:00 - How to balance attribution models like ROAS with Lifetime Value
42:13 - Budgeting for eComm

Listen Here: A-Cast Episode 10: Marketing Strategy

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